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Affidavits & Sworn Statements

Guidance, drafting, and/or notarization of legal documents.

  • 30 min
  • Desde $ 40.00
  • En oficina o a domicilio.

Descripción Servicio - Service Description

We provide guidance, drafting, and authorization of legal documents to ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. We offer notarial services for Affidavits and/or Sworn Statements to individuals and businesses, according to their specific needs or matters such as: ⚖ Loss of licenses and other documents ⚖ Vehicle transfers ⚖ Professional license applications ⚖ Authorization for minors' travel ⚖ Stipulations for minor issues and others ⚖ Temporary custody assignments ⚖ Property sales ⚖ Lease agreements and others ⚖ Declarations of no prior convictions ⚖ Declarations of income or benefits ⚖ Declarations of non-vaccination ⚖ Export of motor vehicles ⚖ Power of Attorneys ⚖ Sworn statements for tax forms, lawsuits, petitions, and/or interrogatories ⚖ Others Our service stands out for offering: ⚖ Virtual consultations ⚖ Virtual document exchange without compromising confidentiality and data security. ⚖ Extended hours ⚖ Communication via phone, email, or WhatsApp messaging ⚖ Document management services or evidence gathering upon request ⚖ Document authorization and notarial seal Terms and Conditions: 1) Residency in Puerto Rico or the United States is required. 2) The service can only be requested by individuals aged 21 and older. 3) Documents are drafted for notarization in the jurisdiction of the United States; however, only documents within the jurisdiction of Puerto Rico are notarized. 4) The price of the service varies depending on the document to be processed, its complexity, and the place of notarization. 5) If you complete the reservation and do not make the payment on or before the service date, your reservation will be canceled. 6) Once you have reserved the service, you will receive an email with the form to fill out and you will be informed of all the costs of the process and payment options. For more applicable Policies, Terms, and Conditions of Use, please visit:

Políticas de reservas - Booking policies

ENGLISH VERSION BELOW Políticas de reembolso, devoluciones, cancelación o garantía: Nuestro objetivo es que logres solucionar tu asunto legal o necesidad notarial. Invertimos una cantidad de tiempo y esfuerzo en los servicios que ofrecemos y esperamos que obtengas el mayor de los beneficios. Sabemos que los servicios y/o productos que ofrecemos son de alta calidad, por lo que una vez procesado y completado el pago, el mismo es final y no se realizan devoluciones ni cancelaciones de ningún tipo. Se considerará final desde que el usuario procede a completar el pago en el botón destinado para ello. Se entiende que el usuario leyó y aceptó las políticas, términos y condiciones de uso al momento de completar su compra. Al adquirir un servicio, la transacción es final y las cancelaciones deben ser notificadas con 24 horas de anticipación, para que tengas la alternativa de recalendarizarla. Cancelaciones con menos de este tiempo, no darán paso a la alternativa de recalendarización. Si enfrentas dificultades con tu reserva/orden o si tienes alguna situación particular, por favor escríbenos a Refund, Returns, Cancellation, and Guarantee Policy: Our goal is to help you solve your legal or notary needs. We invest a significant amount of time and effort into the services we offer, and we hope you receive the greatest benefit from them. We know that the services and/or products we offer are of high quality, so once the payment is processed and completed, it is final and no refunds or cancellations of any kind will be made. It is considered final once the user proceeds to complete the payment in the designated button. It is understood that the user has read and accepted the policies, terms, and conditions of use when completing the purchase. When you acquire a service, the transaction is final, and cancellations must be notified within 24 hours to provide the option of rescheduling. Cancellations with less than this time's notice will not have the rescheduling option. If you encounter any difficulties with your booking/order or have any particular situation, please contact us at

Detalles de contacto - Contact details

+ 1787-610-4049

Abogada PR - Lcda. Figueroa Martínez, Avenida Franklin Delano Roosevelt, San Juan, Puerto Rico

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