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Family and Civil Cases

If you are going through a situation or legal need, at AbogadaPR we can help you by proactively protecting your interests.

We provide an efficient, accurate and personalized legal solution to protect your legal rights, seek your best welfare, promote your interests and avoid any unnecessary conflict and suffering as much as possible.

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We answer to our clients' needs and, furthermore, anticipate them. Given our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, we can be trusted to do the right thing for each client.

We offer legal advice and representation to individuals and families in civil and family litigation matters, such as:


 Property Settlements

 Parental Authority


⚖ Parental Rights

 Child Support
 Child Relocation

 Debt Collection

 Inheritance and Succession

 Community Property

 Name Changes


You don't have to wait any longer. Take the first step to solve your legal matter with AbogadaPR

You'll find that our service is different because we offer you:
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Virtual Consultations

Consultations from the comfort of your own location.


Secure Exchange

Secure virtual exchange of documentation without compromising the confidentiality and security of your data.

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Extended Hours

Extended hours for easy access to our service.


Flexible Communication

Communication via phone, email or message through Whatsapp.


Management Services

Document or evidence management services if requested.


Legal Representation

Legal representation in administrative agencies and courts of the Judicial Power of Puerto Rico

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What our clients say...

Denise Figueroa Martinez, Esq, a professional in every sense of the word.

Her sense of commitment in every case makes the client feel confident to entrust their case to her without hesitation.

The word ETHICS describes her work perfectly. Her fair perspective on things ensures that the litigated case reaches the best outcome. I recommend her. Excellent work.


Thank you for all your effort, love, and professionalism...She is my LAWYER...


—  Liz J. López

Child Support


"Justice is a constant and perpetual will to give each one what they are due."

- Francisco de Quevedo

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