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Notary Services

If you have a document to draft or notarize and want a complete and personalized solution, AbogadaPR can help you. We offer all kinds of guidance, drafting, and authorization of legal documents to ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

We are committed to providing you with personalized advice and help you draft your documents with the utmost legal protections.

Signing a Contract
Power of Attorney
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We offer notary services to individuals and businesses, according to their specific needs or matter, such as:


 Sworn Statements
 Prenuptial Agreement


Divorcios by Agreement
Sales Contracts

Cancellation of Debt
Safe Harbor Affidavit

Estate Settlements

Equitable Distribution

Community Property Division

Declarations of Last Will

Powers of Attorney


You don't have to wait any longer. Take the first step to solve your legal matter with AbogadaPR

You'll find that our service is different because we offer you:
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Virtual Consultations

Consultations from the comfort of your own location.


Secure Exchange

Secure virtual exchange of documentation without compromising the confidentiality and security of your data.

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Extended Hours

Extended hours for easy access to our service.


Flexible Communication

Communication via phone, email or message through Whatsapp.


Management Services

Document or evidence management services if requested.


Legal Representation

Legal representation in administrative agencies and courts of the Judicial Power of Puerto Rico

What our clients say...

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Thank you, for working on our Prenuptial Agreement. It was a simple process where you informed us of every detail in a clear and precise manner.

And most of all, thank you for your prompt response to attend to us and meet us in the midst of our busy schedule. Success always.

—  Roxanel O'Farril

Prenuptial Agreement


"Rights are taken, not asked for; they are seized, not begged for."

- Josep Pla

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